Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bad News, Good News and An Awesome Face!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have been remiss in my blogging duties – but thankfully I’ve survived my first term of grad school!!  I now have two weeks to catch up on everything I’ve been unable to get to during the past fifteen weeks!!
Yeah, Grad School...Buy Some Books! I Have Student Loans To Pay Off!!!
At the top of the list is finishing Bad Medicine!! I’ve been inundated with letters wanting to know when the book will make an appearance and I’m happy to announce the sequel to Blood Roles will be released in November!  And to answer a most important question:  YES, Jon Joss will be on the cover of Bad Medicine as well!! (Along with some new faces to boot...)
Um, Yes, There IS A Sequel!!!
(I Just Have To Finish Writing It First!!)
The NABSU agents will be spending quality time hanging with some New Age twinkies in order to expose illegal activity and will find themselves in an awkward situation.  Names will be smeared, sex will be had and heads will roll – in more ways than one. And we just might find out who the White River Killer is! Or will we?  

Twinkies In Action...
Some Things You Just Have To See To Believe...

When the NABSU series was created my husband was still alive and we had big plans for it.  Sadly, since Rob passed away I have had a hard time working on these particular books so, for right now, Bad Medicine will be “it” for a while for this series. We had originally planned six to eight books exploring the other agents’ lives and I even spent quality time doing some rewrites for a very patient publisher but, after some soul searching, I’ve decided to shelve NABSU for the time being.  Maybe someday I can bring Taylor and Andie to life again but, for the time being, I’m closing NABSU’s doors. 

I think I’ve finally reached a point as a writer that I cannot get past – losing my writing partner for these books pretty much brought this particular series to a screeching halt.  I think Evanescence’s song “My Heart Is Broken” pretty sums up the feelings I have working on Taylor and Andie’s story. It’s not Taylor and Andie’s fault, it’s mine.  The NABSU series was a very personal set of books. My husband and I worked on them right up until the day before he passed away. It’s reached a point that working on the series is painful and I don’t feel that I can produce good storylines feeling that way.

This is not to say, though, that I am going to stop writing – far from it!!  Thank you to everybody who has sent comments regarding Illusions - I love it as well. It's a storyline that stemmed from the reality of a very special couple. Readers have been asking if there's a book somewhere for Ian. I hadn't given it much though, honestly, but given the interest in Ian's redemption as a human being I'm now considering a storyline for him. I think it would be interesting to revisit Olivia and Clay as well. Still working on that one...

The first book of the Bayside Erotica Series, Paramour, is doing very well – that means book two isn’t far behind!  Book Two isn’t named yet but it’s already coming to life! Picture it…a steamy Tampa Bay summer night, a flat tire, a mistaken identity and way more passion than should be legal!! I think I’ve even found the perfect, rugged, hero to star on the cover!!
Have YOU Gotten Your Copy Of Paramour Yet??
Speaking of cover models - every so often somebody will introduce me to a perfect specimen of sexy! A buddy recently introduced me to Julian Christian!

How Could You Say 'No' To That Face??
Oh, And The Guy's Cute Too!!

Julian's already got quite a few book covers under his belt but he's always on the lookout for more so if you're an author looking for an awesome cover guy? Check him out!

Julian is also on Facebook: Julian's Facebook Profile

Keeping with my policy of only working with nice cover models - Julian's a great guy who respects what we do and how we do it. He'll be an awesome guy to have on your cover if you're an author - heck, I might even use him...although, that would mean I have to break my no-drool policy regarding men on my covers!!! lol

And if you're a reader? By all means - he's definitely somebody I'd buy a book for just for the cover! (Oh c'mon, we've all done it, don't act so innocent...that's how I got into Pamela Palmer's Feral Warrior Series, Paenther's cover model was hot!! lol)
I Definitely Judged This Book By Its Cover!!
(And It Was Well Worth It!)
So, whether you're an author or a reader, definitely check out Julian Christian - you won't be disappointed!! AND - if you haven't picked up your copy of Paramour, do it NOW, you won't regret it!

Keep Checking Back - There Will Be More - At Least For The Next Two Weeks Before Grad School Takes Over My Life Again!!

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