Saturday, August 23, 2014

Back In The Game

I've finally returned! I apologize for being remiss with my blog - grad school takes up a monumental amount of time for me, but, thankfully, we're past the half-way point! Three more quarters and I'm done! 

I recently received an email from one of my faithful readers who was wondering about a recurring 'theme' in my books! She asked:  

Why do you always include some sort of jewelry as part of your story lines? Heart of Stone has a ruby and diamond ring. Blood Roles has a specially made diamond ring. Illusions had an emerald necklace and Bad Medicine had turquoise. What's up with that? 

Interesting question!  So let's talk bling!!!


I include jewelry in my books because I love the stuff - almost as much as I love hot guys!! Sure, I'd take The Rock over a diamond any day but, by and large, jewelry is a close second on my list of most awesome things!! 

This Rock
THIS Rock? 

Some of my fondest memories are of my grandmother opening her jewelry boxes and letting me play to my heart's content. 

One Of My Grandmother's Many Brooches - She Was Big On Decorative Pins!

She didn't care if a necklace cost a fortune or that a bracelet might get broken, I was allowed to try on every last piece. I spent many wonderful hours playing with my grandmother's jewelry and it ultimately created a lifelong love for the stuff. 

Now, yes, it could be just a love of shiny, sparkly stuff but, in all honesty, I look at jewelry as art. I look at a piece of jewelry the same way a Picasso lover looks at "Blue Nude" or "Child with a Dove" - I just find the intricacy of jewelry more fascinating than painting or sculpting. Call it a personal preference kind of thing. 

The Emerald Necklace Olivia Wore In Illusions

Sure, some of the cheaper stuff out there is basically not worth much in style or substance but the worthy pieces far outweigh what's not worth looking at.  
Like These! 
And This! 

And This!!

There's also a lot of history with jewelry - the British Crown Jewels, the Russian Romanov collection, the Imperial Crown Jewels of Iran's various pieces that are available to the public - these are more than precious gemstones and metals. 

Queen Elizabeth I's Locket Ring
The Duchess of Windsor's Engagement Ring

Many times they are pieces of history themselves 

having bought a royal family member's freedom, having secured a marriage that practically tore a country apart or used to pay passage to another country. I enjoy looking at historical pieces of jewelry and learning about the history that surrounds them. 

An 1870's Brooch

That's not to say there's nothing to be gained from viewing contemporary pieces because some of today's jewelry is breathtakingly exquisite in its style, presentation and display. There are literally hundreds of designers on the market whose works are elegant and worthy of note. 

I Wish I Had The Creativity To Come Up With Stuff Like This!! 


I view jewelry as intricate pieces of art that beg to be investigated and admired.  So many new designers are out there breaking the mold on what has always been considered standard jewelry design format. In many ways, these newer jewelry pieces stand out amid other, more sedate forms of design, and make for memorable statement pieces. All the more reason to look at the stuff and then write about it!!! 

I Want To Know Who Came Up With This Novel Idea!! 

And This One!!! 
And This One!! 
And This Ain't So Bad Either!!!!
There are literally thousands of boards on Pinterest dedicated to jewelry of all sorts - I personally have a very full jewelry board there myself! 

The Ring Sam's Engagement Ring Was Based Upon in Heart of Stone. 

While I'm not all that fond of wandering around jewelry stores looking for inspiration, I've found a plethora of pieces online. From Pinterest to Etsy to eBay I've found some fascinating and gorgeous pieces that I've loved integrating into my story lines. 

I HAVE to find a place for this in a book!

Victorian Brooch
Antebellum Pendant

It's fairly common for some authors to integrate certain vehicles or types of activities into their books. For me, a nice piece of jewelry can be a talking point, a prop, a conversation starter or a trip down memory lane. The same way there's a million ways to paint a portrait or develop a sculpture there's a million ways to create a piece of jewelry. 

A Handmade Design Sold On Etsy

Some of the designers I've met over the years have told me it can take them up to a year - maybe longer - to create a specific piece of jewelry. It takes just as much inspiration and work as a "fine" piece of art. Jewelry designers put just as much blood, sweat and tears into their work as writers put into their books! 
My Grandmother's Favorite Piece Of Jewelry
A Henry Winston Enamel Pansy Brooch
So, there's really no deep, dark reason I include jewelry in my story lines - I just find it fascinating and like to use it as part of the creative process! 

Andie's Turquoise Necklace From Bad Medicine

Andie's Engagement Ring From Marty

Right now I'm working on my next book, Southern Seduction, and, of course, I've already found some awesome pieces that I'm planning on making part of the story! 

What's A Southern Story Line Without Pearls?? 

And A Necklace To Add An Air Of Mystery! 
And A Ring To Die For! 

Southern Seduction is due out after the start of the New Year, it's one of those story lines that has a little bit of everything! A tortured hero, a strong yet emotionally weary heroine, nights of passion, days of adventure, more than one villain and more than enough surprises to go around - and of course, more jewelry! 
I Really Need To Buy Stock In Neil Lane...Just Sayin...
Do you have a favorite piece of jewelry you think would be awesome as part of a book? Tell me about it!! 

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